Stone Surfacing Fabricator

We Fabricate, Supply & Install Quartz Stone & Sintered Stone

Stone Surfacing Applications

Kitchen Top

Island Top

Vanity Top

Backsplash Wall

Island With Dining

Ice Cream Countertop

TV Cabinet Top & Wall Cladding

Kitchen Shelves

Bathroom Shelves

  1. Pantry Top
  2. Bar Countertop
  3. Breakfast Countertop
  4. Custom Made Dining Table Top
  5. Custom Made Coffee Table Top
  6. Custom Made Side Table Top
  7. Cashier Countertop
  8. Sauces Countertop
  9. Wall Cladding
  10. Other Top & Cladding Purposes

We Supply The Following Stone Surfacing

Natural Stone

Sintered Stone

Solid Surface


We share some industry insight articles to let you know more about custom-made stone products. Make the right choice the first time, save money and avoid a hassle in the future, especially after you’ve moved in.

Custom Made Your Stone Countertop

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Frequently Ask Questions

Do your company sell quartz tiles?

We do not sell pre-cut quartz tiles. However, we can supply cut-to-size quartz stones based on your request.

Do your company sell quartzite stone slab?

We do not supply quartzite.

We bought a stone slab from other suppliers. Could you fabricate it for us?

Apology, we do not outsource our fabrication service.

Do your company sell cut-to-size stone material?

Yes, based on the quantity. Please contact us!

Do your company sell kitchen cabinet?

No, we are a stone mason factory not involved in the cabinet business.

How about outstation work?

Yes, we do. Outstation charge applied.