Foot Run vs Square Feet Stone Countertop Calculations

Have you ever wondered why there are two price options when browsing the stone countertop supplier website? Let’s find out what is foot run vs square Feet Stone Countertop Calculations


We’re using the same approach. Our website has two prices.

Why can’t the supplier provide one price to avoid confusion?

When we calculate the stone countertop in foot run (FR)?

The answer is that the supplier creates a foot run price to calculate standard-size kitchen countertops fast.

Standard kitchen countertop is 50mm front edging, 500-600mm top depth, and 50mm backsplash not exceeding 700mm width.

We calculate the foot run price by calculating the length from left to right.

Example: –

The length is a 10-foot run; the price is 10 FR x RM 240 = RM 2400

The price includes: –

  1. Supply of the material
  2. Fabrication includes cutting, mitre cut and joint and polishing.
  3. Installation of the countertop
  4. Lorry transport shipping the goods to the site.

When we calculate the stone countertop in square feet (SF)?

We’ll calculate non-standard-size countertops in square feet. Example: –

1800mm Length x 900mm Wide, which exceeds 700mm width.

Then, we’ll convert it to square feet to calculate the price for the countertop.

The square feet of 1800mm x 900mm is 18.

The price will be 18 sqft x RM 130


Foot run calculates standard kitchen countertops not exceeding 700mm in width, such as long-shape, L-shape, and U-shape countertops.

Square feet calculate non-standard kitchen countertops exceeding 700mm in width, such as island and pantry countertops.

Sound complicated ya? Don’t worry; contact us for a quote for your home kitchen countertop.

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