How To Avoid Buying Fake Quartz Stone?

We would like to share a few tips on how to choose genuine quartz stone:-

  1. Choose quartz stone with a warranty. Genuine quartz stone often comes with 10 years of material warranty. If the supplier not giving warranty, you already know the answer.
  2. Choose quartz stone with a brand. Usually, the vendor would keep the reputation and not risk by importing low content quartz stone.
  3. Request a sample and test it with the below method before placing an order.

Self-Test & Check Method

Let’s see the quartz stone below,

A quartz stone sample provided by manufacturer

Translate the sticker, this quartz stone uses some kinds of nano-technology, diamond quality, stain and crack resistance.

Is it a good quality quartz stone? Let’s test and see,

We’ll use Harpic 10x for this test.

Harpic Cleaning Liquid

Pour on the quartz stone sample,

You can keep staring or wait for 10 – 15 min,

During the test, you should not go away. By the time you come back, the bubble reaction might already be over.

Bubble reaction? Why does this happen?

This stone does not have enough quartz content and contains too much stone or lime powder. The more it had, the faster you could see the bubble reaction.

Second, this stone was coated with a sealant on the surface to make it shiny. It will create a bubble reaction too.

Either one, it is not the quartz stone you’re seeking for,

After wiping the Harpic,

  1. A layer of sealant is gone
  2. Become rough surface, the tiny hole can be see by human eyes now
  3. Colour faded
  4. Discolouration

This kinds of quality quartz stone give the house owner many unnecessary troubles.

What result should you seek?

This is the result you should look for. No chemical or bubble reaction on quartz stone.

We hope this tip can help you filter out the unwanted quartz stones.


This method cannot guarantee you find genuine quartz stone.

Some low content quartz stones can resist Harpic 10x up to 30 min or more.

But at least can help you reduce the chance of buying faux quartz stone.

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