What Is The Difference Between The Top Mount and Under Mount?

What Is A Top Mount?

Either cooker hob or sink which sit on top of the stone countertop is top mount.

Check out the pictures below:-

What Is An Under Mount?

The sink is under the stone top. Another words, the stone countertop sits on top of the sink.

Why We Must Do A 5mm Overhang?

  1. Prevent water splash leak into the cabinet if the silicone dry out and crack.
  2. Prevent the sink look protrude. Hence, we not recommend to open sink hole follow the sink size.


Top mount is easier to change in the future. But need to reapply the silicone when it’s out of function especially it’s dried and cracked due to fair wear and tear.

Undermount can’t be changed at all. However, the silicone dried and cracked the water not easy to leak into the cabinet. If the situation is serious, you still fix by reapplying the silicone.

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