What Are the Quartz Countertop Disadvantages?

Is quartz stone good for countertops?. Yes, the quartz countertop is one of the best options for our home kitchen. However, it’s not invulnerable. What are the disadvantages of a quartz countertop?

UV Rays Discolouration

quartz stone discolouration by UV Rays
Quartz stone discolouration by UV Rays

Quartz stone is not suitable for outdoor applications or areas exposed to direct sunlight. One of the main ingredients of quartz stone is “resin”. The UV rays will cause the resin to react chemically, causing discolouration.

Let’s look at the example below.

The right side exposed to sunlight turns yellow. If you’re using black colour, it’ll turn grey.

Don’t let this quartz stone disadvantage turn you off. Quartz stone is the best material for heavy-duty use if the area is not exposed to sunlight.

Colour Preference

zenstone slab
zenstone slab

Quartz stone has a colour disadvantage compared to natural stone, such as marble and granite. 

Quartz stone colour, texture, vein and pattern were designed by a human. The manufacturer used moulds and machines to create the quartz stone colour. 
Some people who prefer the natural look of a stone will not like it. Colour is a personal preference.

Highly recommend you check out the colour by visiting the warehouse or factory to see the colour with your own eyes. 

Is there a natural look of a quartz stone? Yes, please continue reading. 

Not a Do It Yourself (DIY) Material

lifting crane and stone slabs
Lifting crane at factory

Quartz stone slab is heavy, approximately 250kgs per slab. We need at least 4 people or use lifting equipment, such as a forklift or crane, to carry it during the fabrication or installation.

Fabrication needs tools. Buying a hand cutter, cutting table, cutting disc, driller, diamond drill bit with different diameter, wet and dry polisher, polishing pad with at least 5 different grit, adhesive, super glue, long ruler, L-shape ruler (big and small), marker pen, and many others is a waste to custom-make a set of quartz countertops for your home.

Plus, you need a long practice to cut a straight line with a hand cutter. Not to mention drilling, milling, polishing and so on.

You need to hire 1 or 2 assistants during the installation. It’s hard to make it right first, especially quartz stone with marble veins. How and where to cut so that we can join the veins?

High Price

caesarstone empira white kitchen top
Caesarstone Empira White Kitchen Top

The closer a quartz stone colour is to a natural feeling, the higher the price. Why is the price high?

  1. The manufacturer takes years of research and development to craft the colour. 
  2. It is harder to make and requires a complicated process. 
  3. It needs more crafting steps to achieve the natural effect. 
  4. More different minerals are required to fulfil the natural colour effect.
  5. Require an advance machine to craft the colour. 

In case you’re looking for quartz stone for your home kitchen. Feel free to check out the quartz stone we are supplying.

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