Genuine Quartz Stone

We Supply Quartz Stone (AKA Quartz Surface) for Countertops

Quartz stone (AKA quartz surface) is the most suitable stone material for countertop & wall cladding so far. Quartz stone is made from natural quartz crystals that are crushed and mixed with resin.

There is a mix of quality quartz stones available in Malaysia. Finding the genuine quartz stone is a vital renovation task. We recommend you visit our showroom for more quartz stone details.

Quartz Stones Brands We Supply in Malaysia


Caesarstone is one of the pioneer quartz stone manufacturers.


International well-known quartz stone brands imported from Spain.


Malaysia’s brand OEM China’s genuine and quality quartz stone.

Quartz Stone Applications

Kitchen Top

Island Top

Vanity Top

Pantry Top

TV Console Top


Other cladding & decoration applications.

Are You Looking for a Stone Solution to Encounter These Problems?

Acidic Foods

Does Lemon, lime or coke make your kitchen discolouration?


Not sure if your kitchen top got bacteria or not?


Dishwash liquid makes your kitchen top change colour?


Suddenly the kitchen top got a crack line without any clue.


Accidentally put a hotpot on your kitchen top then cause a burnt mark?


A milo tin fall on the surface cracks your kitchen top?


Does mildew grow on top of the surface?


After using the kitchen top for a while, minor scratches here and there?


Curry, turmeric and even coffee powder stain on your kitchen top?

In case you want to know more how quartz stone prevent these problem

We provide an in-depth quartz stone and market information that might help you save money, time and hassle.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Since 2013

Pioneer stone suppliers in Malaysia.

Genuine Quartz Stone

SGS International standard and passed our in-house test.


Come with at least ten years of warranty.

Ready Stock

More than 800 slabs are available


Sales advisor could answer all your quartz stone questions

Bridge Cutter

Laser pointer cutting machines for precision and fast cutting


97% installation fulfilled on lead time

Master Installer

Four installation teams led by master


2 years limited warranty

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Frequently Ask Questions

Is there any warranty for quartz stone?

Genuine quartz stone comes with 10 years warranty on crack, chip-off and discolouration without any impact.

How much does a quartz stone cost?

The price range is vast and depends on colour, vein and shade. The base price starts from RM 120 per sq. ft to RM 1010 per sq. ft.

All quartz stone is made with the same natural quartz material. Why is there a price difference?

Good question! Besides quartz material. The price also includes the composition of quartz stone, R&D, materials origin, the challenge to produce, the fabrication machines, installer’s skill, techniques and experiences.

Is there a different grade of quartz stone?

Yes, the market is complicated. There is genuine quartz stone, compressed marble sold as quartz stone, artificial quartz stone with low-grade composition and quartz stone with low content of quartz mineral.

How to avoid buying compressed marble as quartz stone or artificial quartz stone?

Drip a drop of Harpic black or household acid on the surface, and genuine quartz stone has no chemical reaction. If you see bubbles or smoke, avoid buying it.

How high of the heat can quartz stone sustain?

Depending on the composition, quarts stone resists heat between 150 – 200 degrees Celsius.

Will quartz stone crack without impact?

Quartz stone is bonded by resin. It’s almost impossible to crack without impact or even thermal expansion.

What is the thickness of the quartz stone your company is selling?

Zenstone Quartz Surface 15mm or 20mm, Caesarstone 13mm or 20mm, Silestone 12mm or 20m

Is the quartz countertop seamless in design?

No, every 10 feet has a joining line. Our installer can join it as thin as 1mm.

Do you supply quartz stone in cut to size?

No, we only supply and install a quartz stone countertop.

White colour quartz stone yellowish?

Yes, the white colour oxidises over time. Direct sunlight (UV rays) will fasten the process. It’s part of fair wear and tears.

How long does it take to belong yellowish?

It depends on the kitchen top environment. It might take five years to ten years. One thing is for sure. You can’t notice with your eyes unless you put a new batch of the same material beside it.

Could quartz stone resist chemicals?

Yes, quartz stone resists most household chemicals, but not heavy-duty or industrial chemicals.