Silestone quartz surfaces is importing quartz surfacing from Spain. Sinno Sdn. Bhd is one of the distributors in Malaysia.

We supply, fabricate and install Silestone for countertop applications.

Silestone Catalogue & Pricing

This page is to show all Silestone colour available in Malaysia, and custom made price only. If you are looking for technical information. Please visit the official website.

Arcilla Red
Arcilla Red – RM 377/SF
Arden Blue
Arden Blue – RM 304/SF
Blanco Maple 14
Blanco Maple 14 – RM 304/SF
Blanco Norte 14
Blanco Norte 14 – RM 287/SF
Blanco Orion
Blanco Orion – RM 377/SF
Blanco River
Blanco River – RM 304/SF
Blanco Zeus
Blanco Zeus – RM 377/SF
Cala Blue
Cala Blue – RM 377/SF
Calypso – RM 403/SF
Camden – RM 304/SF
Cemento Spa
Cemento Spa – RM 288/SF
Charcoal Soapstone
Charcoal Soapstone – RM 377/SF
Cincel Grey
Cincel Grey – RM 377/SF
Coral Clay
Coral Clay – RM 287/SF
Corktown – RM 403/SF
Desert Silver
Desert Silver – RM 304/SF
Eternal Bella
Eternal Bella – RM 403/SF
Eternal Calacatta Gold
Eternal Calacatta Gold – RM 464/SF
Eternal D'or
Eternal D’or – RM 403/SF
Eternal Marquina
Eternal Marquina – RM 403/SF
Eternal Noir
Eternal Noir – RM 464/SF
Eternal Serena
Eternal Serena – RM 377/SF
Eternal Statuario
Eternal Statuario – RM 403/SF
Ethereal Dusk
Ethereal Dusk – RM 464/SF
Ethereal Glow
Ethereal Glow – RM 464/SF
Ethereal Haze
Ethereal Haze – RM 464/SF
Ethereal Noctis
Ethereal Noctis – RM 464/SF
Faro White
Faro White – RM 377/SF
Gris Expo
Gris Expo – RM 277/SF
Iconic White
Iconic White – RM 403/SF
Kensho – RM 377 /SF
Lagoon – RM 377 /SF
Marengo – RM 262/SF
Miami Vena
Miami Vena – RM 304/SF
Negro Tebas 18
Tebas Black 18 – RM 287/SF
Nolita – RM 403/SF
Pearl Jasmine
Pearl Jasmine – RM 377/SF
Poblenou – RM 403/SF
Posidonia Green
Posidonia Green – RM 377/SF
Royal Reef
Royal Reef – RM 287/SF
Seaport – RM 403/SF
Snowy Ibiza
Snowy Ibiza – RM 323/SF
White Arabesque
White Arabesque – RM 287/SF
White Storm 14
White Storm 14 – RM 304/SF
Yukon – RM 304/SF


Silestone consists of natural quartz stone. Therefore, subject to variation in shade, veining and colour. Thus, no absolute resemblance and no consistency can be guaranteed.

Colour Difference

Kindly insist on seeing the actual stone sample or slab before proceeding order.

The colour, pigment, vein, and texture you see in this catalogue might differ from the actual due to: –

  1. The variation of the camera.
  2. Colour setting and variation of the device’s screen you’re using.
  3. The image processing app or software.
  4. Lighting adjustment and tuning
  5. The image has been scaled up or down.
  6. The image is a close-up shot.
  7. The image is cropped or zoomed.

Price Term

  1. The price includes material, fabrication, installation & transport.
  2. The final quotation price is based on on-site measurement.
  3. Price does not include the dismantling of the existing kitchen top if applied.
  4. Goods will be delivered and installed within 14 – 21 days or as earlier as possible.
  5. Subject to stock availability or installation leads might take longer.
  6. Minimum order 15 FR or 30 SQ.FT per order or a surcharge will be applied.
  7. Additional workmanship, travel cost, and accommodation will be applied for outstation works.
  8. The price does not apply to wall cladding, & flooring applications.
  9. The price is applicable in Malaysia only.

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